The book “Rubbish Paradise”

Over 100 Art / Documentary Photos of Nature and Rubbish along the Baltic Sea

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Who we are?

We are eco-activists volunteers, a young couple who loves and respects Nature. We collect plastic and other human-made rubbish from Nature areas in the Baltic Sea region since 2012.

What this book is about?

The idea of our Nature cleaning book is to call for each human on the planet to take action towards not polluted today and tomorrow. The book “Rubbish Paradise” combines two different aspects – art photography and documentary – for one goal, that is to make a step towards conscious tomorrow.

On one hand, rubbish subjects are shown with art photography skills. On other hand, it is a series of documentary illustrations showing the areas of Nature which are constantly being polluted by various eco-barbarians.

The author noticed what others don’t even see. She showed how Nature makes peculiar works of art, sometimes even masterpieces, from currently existing, but uncharacteristic to Nature tools, from human waste. As if raped but remaining noble, this is how our Nature is portrayed.

Remigijus Kriukas, Lithuanian contemporary fine art glass artist

Collecting rubbish from Nature still looks like a forbidden activity for most of us. With this book, we seek to encourage people to use plastic responsively while relaxing in Nature.

We also seek to reveal that not only sightseers left the rubbish on the beaches. One day, plastic producers should be officially recognized as the root of plastic contamination. More so, the contaminants from the ships, fishermen activity, and municipal lack of responsibility should be stressed.

How can I contribute?

Living in the times of a hustle culture, we usually have no time for anything, we have no time for the life itself. Thus, our noble goals and inner vocation get lost between daily tasks and responsibilities.

If you realy feel involved with Nature problems, but just physically have no time / no possibility / health issues to clean Nature right now, you may contribute by donation!

Feel free to send any amount of money (just money) to help us cover design costs and contribute for cleaner Earth!


Contribute by donation

Contribute to cleaner Nature and add some karma points right now!

The toxins we create increase drastically, destroying not only nature and the oceans, but also us, humans. Each page of this book sincerely shouts that it is time to wake up, to hear and to see – what kind of steps we leave behind.

Simona Urr, Dr. in Chemistry, researcher of solar panels


All the rubbish items presented in the book “Rubbish Paradise” were photographed without any specific adjustments of the objects (any rubbish object was not touched before photo shoot with the aim to present a documental, realistic view).

The rubbish was further collected and brought to the nearest garbage bins.

rubbish places on map

Places on the map (Poland and Lithuania) where rubbish was collected numerous times during 2020 – 2021

Look inside!

The book is real. Look inside! Comment! Contribute! Make a difference!

This is not my garbage, but this is my Planet

Summer vibes 2020

Art / documentary book “Rubbish Paradise” about the pollution situation along the Baltic Sea is published in English on Amazon worldwide, and soon it will be available in German language too.

Photographié c’est une chose mais s’en débarrasser en n’est une autre et tu as su faire les deux!! Bravo à toi pour cela et merci!

David DAVID, contemporary French artist, painter, sculptor and plastic artist
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Miedzyzdroje, Poland, April 2021

15 km along the seashore

Klaipėda, Lithuania,

July 2020

20 km along the wild beach

Arkonka, Poland,

June 2020

around the small Goplany lake

“The strongest governments on earth cannot clean up pollution by themselves. They must rely on each ordinary person, like you and me, on our choices, and on our will.”

Chai Jing, journalist & environmental activist


I see that the areas of wild beaches which we have cleaned in spring 2021 are getting polluted again by mid-July. It is a rubbish paradise, and the only way not to give up is to continue the mission…

Dr. Alisa Palatronis

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